AirG: new Emilie is produced in Europe!


The latest AirG Products release, the Emilie Smile, is produced in Europe. According to the AirG website the intention is to improve communication and to reduce the ecological footprint:

The Emilie Smile has been presented this weekend in Kössen. Many motivated pilots convinced themselves of the glider that has become a “classic” in less than four years. She includes all the positive characteristics that have made the Emilie Peace so popular. Little changes in the canopy make the glider even more robust. The choice to produce in Europe allows transparent face to face-communication and reduction of the ecological footprint.

The Emilie Smile is surely an excellent choice for pilots that want to make the successful step from a Freestyle- to an Acrowing. She includes a sophisticated amount of “predictable energy”. In connection with brilliant Antirythmic-characteristics (also the big sizes) this glider allows ambitious Acropilots to learn Infinity-Tumbling the safest way.

As the glider works fine for all negative manoeuvres and multi-connects, the Emilie is also a very popular wing among the world best Competition-pilots. She has won the Worldcup already several times.

Demowings are located in Seebruck, Innsbruck and Gerlitzen.

For any further questions or requests write to:


I’m really happy that finally a paragliding manufacturer picked up this point. This gives hope that others may follow. Let’s see how ecofriendly we can get ;- ) It’s almost a pity that my Emilie Peace is still in very good conditions, I don’t have to buy the new Emilie smile. But these news make me smile 🙂



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